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Hey, readers! Let’s delve into the world of Ernesto “Boogie” Boydon, the creative force behind “Ang Bagong Pinoy: An Ethical Framework for the New Filipino.” Boogie, a trailblazer from the radical ’70s crew, has woven a literary masterpiece that isn’t just a book—it’s your passport to ethical enlightenment!
Who’s Boogie Anyway? In 2005, Boogie ignited an online community called ‘Ang Bagong Pinoy’ born from his contemplations on the prevailing sense of hopelessness. Recognizing that a generation had passed since the transformative EDSA I revolution, yet the nation grappled with persistent challenges, Boogie embarked on a mission. Now, 37 years after EDSA, his latest creation aims to awaken Filipino consciousness, urging a collective embrace of a new identity rooted in love for God, country, and neighbor.
So, What’s the Buzz? So, what’s the fuss about this heavy-sounding book—’Ang Bagong Pinoy’? It’s not your run-of-the-mill read; it’s a wake-up call, a guiding light for crafting an ethical compass in the evolving Filipino identity. Decoding Life’s Puzzles Ever found yourself in a moral maze? Boogie’s got your back. “Ang Bagong Pinoy” decodes ethical dilemmas like a life GPS. It suggests a hierarchy of values, a moral menu if you will. Choose wisely, but don’t forget to glance at the specials on the “moral high ground.” Back to Our Roots ‘Ang Bagong Pinoy’ isn’t just about something “new”; it’s a call to rediscover our roots. .In a world filled with diverse influences, it’s a call to look back, rediscover our heritage, and use it as a launchpad for a fresh Filipino identity. Unity in Diversity Imagine a book that celebrates differences instead of pulling us apart. This one does! It’s all about growing a mature spirit that unites despite our diversity. So, whether you’re from Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao, this book says, “Hey, we’re all in this together!” Why Get a Copy? Guiding Light: Feeling a bit lost? “Ang Bagong Pinoy” is your guiding light through life’s twists and turns. Rediscover Yourself: If you’re on a quest to rediscover your roots and figure out who you really are, Boogie’s book is your go-to. Be the Change: For those itching to make a difference, this isn’t just a book—it’s a battle cry for positive change. Ready for the Ride? Elevate Your Reading Experience Today! Secure Your Copy of ‘Ang Bagong Pinoy‘! Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through change, ethics, and unity. “Ang Bagong Pinoy” isn’t just a book; it’s a game-changer. So, what are you waiting for? Hit that order button, and let Boogie guide you through this extraordinary journey!

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