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Eteri products are mindfully created to add radiance, peace and elegance to your daily routine. The combination of natural and therapeutic scents with soothing crystal energy can transition your surroundings into a realm filled with inner peace, clarity and positivity.


  • Tranquil

    Our Tranquil Candle is infused with Amethyst - the calming crystal that strengthens your intuition. It is garnished with lavender buds and is scented with Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, and Chamomile to calm your anxieties and promote sleep. This candle is perfect for anyone experiencing any trouble sleeping or insomnia experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety whose mind is filled with worries and fears having a hard time relaxing

    ₱ 999.00
  • Enchant

    This candle is perfect for anyone going through heartbreak experiencing grief of loss whose mind is filled with doubts and insecurity feeling anger and resentful Our Enchant Candle is infused with Rose Quartz - the crystal for love, confidence and compassion. It is garnished with Rose buds and scented with Rose, Geranium and Chamomile essential oils to ignite feelings of self-love and inner peace.

    ₱ 999.00

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